Pure-Rest Organics Natural Shredded Rubber Pillow
Pure-Rest Organics Natural Shredded Rubber Pillow
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Because these Pure-Rest Organics Pillows are made of Shredded Rubber and are in a durable woven outer, they are fully washable.

The loft is adjustable without taking the pillow apart; you can move the natural rubber just as you would a buckwheat-fill pillow, but this pillow has a softer feel!

Choose an Organic Cotton Woven Damask Outer or our NEW Organic Cotton Knit Zipper Out (this version needs to have rubber removed to wash and dry.


Price: $89.95

Shredded Rubber Pillows by Pure-Rest Organics

Our Shredded Rubber Pillows are guaranteed to be only our tested pure Latex Green rubber. Instead of just shredding our mattress scrap, we buy super soft cores and hand shred so we can guarantee it to be softer than competitors and consistant, smaller pieces of rubber.

Many love the feel of the springiness and movability of the rubber pieces. Great support without ear pressure. You can tuck it under your neck, around your head... Also great for pets and kids.

Many “natural” rubbers contain toxins such as benzene, toluene, pthalates. Our pillows use the best rubber with high purity standards. Ours is Dunlop as the Talalay rubber has petroleum added in the form of artificial vanillin so we will not use Talalay. The vanillin in talalay contains dimethyl sulfate and is highly toxic according to a Virginia University study.


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Ecobaby, Inc & Pure-Rest Organics Offers over 20 Years of Purity and Quality Manufacturing in everything organic textiles for the home and family, including babies. We take care of your natural needs from birth and through out life.

Our commitment to purity is the reason we send our materials for third party testing. Our various certifications can be viewed, along with our testing, at our Certifications and Testing Section on our website.

To ensure further purity, our location, floors, and sewing tables are painted with AFM Safecoat, which seals our location, floors, and sewing tables. We also only hire people willing to use no scented products and whom do not live with a smoker. Additionally, we seal any non washable products in pure virgin polyethylene to maintain purity during storage and transit. We do this all in an effort to make sure your organic products do not become contaminated and do maintain their purity.

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