IKEA-helmed housing development under way in London

Not content just sleeping on an IKEA mattress and preparing your meals with IKEA cookware? At Strand East, a mixed-use redevelopment project in London, the Swedish mega-retailer could also be your landlord. [...]

Photo: Astronaut captures nightly glow of Istanbul

The International Space Station orbits several hundred miles above the glowing city of Istanbul, Turkey. [...]

Half of England in drought

The Environment Agency declared another 17 counties short of water, and warned the situation may continue until the end of the year. [...]

Kidnapped penguin ‘Dirk’ rescued from sharks, dogs

Police allege 3young men broke into Sea World, swam in the dolphin enclosure and then stole 7-year-old Dirk as they made their escape. [...]

The three words that would have made Hilary Rosen right

The political pundit’s poorly chosen words have drawn the nation’s attention away from real issues affecting women. But these three simple words would have made her right. [...]

Quake-hit Christchurch to build cardboard cathedral

The temporary cathedral will be built to replace the historic Anglican building destroyed in last year’s earthquakes. [...]

NASA seeks new ideas for Mars missions

NASA is seeking fresh ideas for robotic missions to explore Mars, after budget cuts nixed a planned partnership with the European space agency. [...]

Japan may be ‘momentarily’ without nuclear power

The country may go without nuclear power next month when the only one reactor still in operation shuts down for maintenance work. [...]

Hubble captures auroras on Uranus

These are the first images of the event since NASA Voyager probe snapped images in 1986. [...]

No ice loss seen in major Himalayan glaciers

One of the world’s biggest glacier regions has so far resisted global warming that has ravaged mountain ice elsewhere, scientists say. [...]