Please take a seat … on the terrarium

Fresh from the flora-meets-furniture design department: For those longing to water their living room furniture, Fiore Arcangelo unveils Ecoo Chair, a seating arrangement that doubles as a giant terrarium. [...]

Dyed Easter chicks create controversy

Hatchery owners say dyeing the birds is harmless and festive, but animal advocates argue that it turns the chicks into novelty items. [...]

White-nose syndrome haunts bats

The mysterious disease is obliterating bat colonies as it spreads across North America, and scientists say time is running out to save them. [...]

MNN’s week in review: Surprising facts about the Masters, happy hour and more

Learn more about the world’s most famous golf tournament, what drives ‘The Island President’ on his quest and how to turn happy hour into a healthy 60 minutes. [...]

Satellite captures dwindling Antarctic ice sheet

The ice shelf is located in one of the fastest-warming places on Earth, jutting north of the rest of Antarctica. [...]

A charged-up coffee table

The Voltpot, a coffee table/charging station/indoor planter, uses microbial fuel cell technology to recharge your gizmos and gadgets. [...]

NASA captures Martian dust devil in new photo

The 12-mile high funnel reaches heights far above those that its counterparts on earth could ever attain. [...]

Africa, Asia see rapid population growth to 2050

The population growth will open up opportunities in education, but will pose challenges in housing, employment, energy and environment. [...]

Gardening apps for spring

Although some green thumbs may balk at the idea of — gasp! — taking a smartphone into the garden, the gardening app market is growing like mad. The New York Times selects some fresh picks for spring. [...]

For the high-end homesteader, Williams-Sonoma launches Agrarian line

Williams-Sonoma, purveyor of $400 Dutch ovens and the swankiest Italian espresso machines that money can buy, eyes the beekeeping, Kombucha-guzzling crowd with its new collection. [...]