Watch: A DIY smart home fit for a tech legend

In a video tour that’s sure to make techies week at the knees, computer programmer Loren Amelang shows off his woodsy yet completely wired Mendocino County, Calif. smart home. [...]

The Daddy Dozen: Father’s Day Gift Guide 2011

Just say NO … to neckties this Father’s Day. Instead, gift Dad with something that he’ll use around the house like a Japanese gardening tool, a mending kit or a space-saving herb planter/BBQ grill. [...]

How did tornadoes in Texas toss 18-wheelers?

Tornadoes have an easier time flipping trucks when they’re empty, resulting in a weight imbalance between each end of the truck. [...]

Solar cross delivers power and a message

1,050 photovoltaic panels cover the roof of the church in Maui. [...]

Ants gain fungus immunity by grooming sick individuals

The ants’ behavior is similar to the concept of a vaccine, which exposes people to a weakened or dead strain of virus to prime their immune system. [...]

Carbon dioxide linked to end of last ice age

Scientists looked at evidence of ancient temperatures from around the world to determine out what role carbon dioxide played during the last ice age. [...]

Deepwater Horizon tar balls laden with deadly bacteria

The tar balls include high levels of Vibrio vulnificus, the leading cause of seafood-borne disease fatalities nationwide. [...]

Photos: Sicily’s Mount Etna erupts in spectacular show

The active stratovolcano on the east side of Sicily is captured at the peak of a violent, fiery eruption in the early morning hours of April 1. [...]

Canadians rally against wind power

Critics cite noise, vibrations and tariffs as reasons to exclude wind power from green energy initiatives. [...]

App makes saving energy social at Facebook

The application lets people monitor home energy use by connecting with power companies using Facebook and then share progress toward conservation goals. [...]