White-nose syndrome spreads to Missouri

The deadly bat disease has been confirmed west of the Mississippi River for the first time, adding to an already bad year for American bats. [...]

Litter bugs on high seas foul Titanic’s resting place

The Titanic’s watery grave is polluted with beer cans, plastic cups, even soap boxes, a century after the ‘unsinkable’ luxury liner went down. [...]

March broke or tied almost 8,000 U.S. temperature records

Accumulating greenhouse gases likely played a role in the ‘year without winter’ that has graced a significant portion of North America. [...]

Volcanoes’ plumbing holds clues to eruptions

Mapping magma chambers and figuring out how they behave can help identify early warning signs hours — or even months — before an eruption. [...]

Mars, moon and star to form bright sky triangle

The Red Planet will shine bright with the moon and star Regulus, and here’s how you can see them in the nighttime sky. [...]

Moscow market fire kills 17 migrant workers

Workers most likely left a space heater on overnight to stay warm due to the cold Russian winter. [...]

Photos: Anori, half-sister of the late polar bear Knut, makes her debut

There’s a new cub on the block! [...]

Spring cleaning list

Getting ahead of spring cleaning will be a snap when you use this list. [...]

Search for dark energy needs funding boost, say Nobel winners

‘Micromanaging’ by grants and lack of government funding have hindered scientific research. [...]

Oily substance at North Sea gas leak rig

An oily sheen has spread around a stricken gas rig, Greenpeace activists said Monday, but Total insisted it was formed by gas condensate. [...]