Will sunscreen protect me from solar flares?

While doctors recommend wearing sunscreen while you’re outside, a solar flare doesn’t increase UV radiation on the Earth’s surface. [...]

Energy awareness with just a push of a (green) button

TCO extraordinaire Aneesh Chopra announces Green Button, an effort to make understanding (and adjusting) household energy consumption all the much easier through a standardized online platform. [...]

U.S. CO2 emissions to stay below 2005 levels as coal use shrinks

Energy-related CO2 emissions will be 7 percent lower than their 2005 level of nearly 6 billion metric tons in 2020, according to new government data. [...]

Fairyfly wasp thriving after sneaking into U.S. 2 years ago

The invasive insect poses no threats to humans and is providing a natural way to control the leafhopper population. [...]

Intense solar storm is pummeling Earth

The current ‘space hurricane’ is ranking as the biggest space radiation event in 7 years. The storm could be signaling that the sun is waking up after an extended period of relative dormancy. [...]

Northern lights dazzle, thanks to solar storm

The auroras from the solar flare could potentially be seen at latitudes as low as Maine or Montana. [...]

Solar flare may amp up northern lights show

The sun is in the middle of an active phase of its 11-year solar weather cycle, and this cycle is expected to peak in 2013. [...]

Solar eruption sparks strongest radiation storm since 2005

Polar flights on Earth will be rerouted to avoid interference from the solar radiation. [...]

Solar storm delivers ‘glancing blow’ to Earth

The solar flare had little impact on electrical systems, NASA said. [...]

Solar storms set to hit Earth, power companies prepare

Government scientists have cautioned users of satellite, telecommunications and electric equipment to prepare for possible disruptions this week. [...]

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