Do the SOPA and PIPA bills threaten freedom of speech for green-loving websites and consumers?

Yesterday, hundreds of websites joined the online blackout in protest of the SOPA and PIPA bills which they feel are a threat to freedom of speech, including the freedom to discuss alternative care. [...]

NASA debunks triangular ‘UFO’

‘Strange looking’ geometric shapes are just telescopic quirks, not aliens slowly advancing towards Earth. [...]

Reactions to the Keystone XL rejection

The Obama administration’s move won’t necessarily kill the controversial oil pipeline, but it has still drawn strong reactions from both sides of the debate. [...]

How global warming is actually helping the swan community

Hunted to near extinction in the 19th century, the trumpeter swan is taking advantage of warmer, longer summers to expand its range and numbers. [...]

South African weather bill creates a storm of controversy

Proposed law would make unauthorized storm predictions punishable by heavy fines and 10 years in jail. [...]

Obama to reject Keystone XL pipeline

The State Department has denied the proposed oil pipeline from Canada, heading off a congressionally mandated deadline of Feb. 21. [...]

In Montana, a rough road for oil sands equipment

Rebuilding overpasses, scheduling transports and environmental concerns factor into the decisions of transporting equipment and oil through Montana. [...]

Winter pruning

A guide to cutting back and shaping ornamentals such as trees, shrubs and grasses. [...]

Messy yard equals jail time for strapped homeowner

A down-on-her-luck South Carolina homeowner is jailed for refusing to clean up her junk-filled front yard. Upon her release, good samaritans step in to help make things more aesthetically pleasing. [...]

New technology focuses the sun to cut solar’s cost

A fast-growing solar technology that multiplies the sun’s power up to many hundreds of times promises to deliver cheaper electricity than traditional panels. [...]

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