Seed Faces: The creepiest sprouts in town

Add a bit of distressing, doll-based flair to your indoor gardening endeavors with Seed Faces, Kelsey Pike’s line of organic seed sprouting countenances made from recycled paper pulp. [...]

Terrific tin can toppers

Young designer Jack Bresnahan’s series of nine biodegradable plastic lids breathe new life into ordinary tin cans. [...]

More ‘Tattooine’ planets with twin suns discovered

Scientists predict that circumbinary planets that exist within a habitable zone — meaning that they could support life — will be ‘fairly common.’ [...]

Winter gardening

Enjoy fresh vegetables all winter with inexpensive and easy-to-construct row covers. [...]

Sioux County, Iowa: Ground zero for farmland boom

While prices for farmland across Iowa have been among the heartland’s fastest growing, prices here have more than tripled, rising faster than most of the state. [...]

Winter gardening tips

Dos, don’ts, tips and tricks to help your plants survive wild temperature swings and hard freezes [...]

Will global warming breed a race of super-smart lizards?

While lizards hatched in warmer temperatures seem a bit smarter, if it gets too hot the lizards’ physical development will become stunted. [...]

Systems of facial features help monkeys figure out who’s who

Smaller communities tend to have more complex facial features to distinguish members, whereas larger communities are more subtle in their differences. [...]

Animal rights group claims it torched cattle trucks

Activists have claimed responsibility for a suspected arson fire that damaged 14 tractor-trailer rigs parked at a major feedlot in central California. [...]

Watch: Otters chase butterfly

A video of the aquatic mammals’ pursuit has become a viral hit on YouTube. [...]

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