Malawi wildlife reserve resurrected by ‘Noah’s Ark’ project

In only 8 years, South African NGO African Parks Network reintroduced more than 2,500 animals in the sprawling Majete Wildlife Reserve. [...]

‘Space Junk 3D’ IMAX film to show debris like never before

It is estimated that low-Earth orbit contains 6,000 tons of space junk, and the makers of the film hope it educates both citizens and politicians about the issue. [...]

2 centuries later, female explorer gets plant named after her

A distant relative of the tomato and potato, the Solanum baretiae was named for Jeanne Baret, a botanist who posed as a man to travel the globe. [...]

Yeti crabs and other unique marine life found in hydrothermal vents

Scientists originally suspected that the Antarctic vent would be a gateway for species, but they soon found that it is a unique region onto itself. [...]

Aussie surfer survives shark attack

According to eyewitness reports, the 6-foot-long shark may have been a bronze whaler or copper shark. [...]

Sabertooth cats had beefy arms to help them kill

Daggerlike teeth were more vulnerable to fractures, forcing cats’ ancestors to rely on strong arms to survive. [...]

Ecuador court upholds $9.5 billion ruling against Chevron

The landmark ruling for environment management costs was in the suit that dates back to 1993 against Texaco, a firm later acquired by Chevron. [...]

Hundreds of vultures invade Georgia neighborhood

As many as 600 black and turkey vultures come to a community in southwest Georgia every morning and afternoon. [...]

Mount Rainier gunman died of drowning, hypothermia

The body of Benjamin Colton Barnes, an Iraq war veteran, was found partially submerged in the park’s frigid Paradise Creek in a snowy. [...]

Did toxic algae inspire frenzy of Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’?

Birds who consume the algae suffer from confusion, disorientation, scratching, seizures and eventually death. [...]