Real green buildings aren’t about the glamour

When it comes to reducing a building’s carbon footprint to zero, it’s often the most eyecatching details that get the most attention. But as an exemplary net-zero apartment building in Montreal demonstrates, it’s not about the solar panels on the roo [...]

Fresh, organic flowers for the holidays

Buy organic bouquets or wreaths for your Thanksgiving table and other holiday events. [...]

Tips for thoughtful holiday entertaining

Toast the holidays with a festive and organic wintertime libation, and for the food devotees on your gift list, give and give again. [...]

DIY: Christmas ornaments and decorations

Break out the craft sticks and glue and whip up these festive holiday decorations and ornaments. [...]

European Space Agency will try sending another round of orbit-boosting commands

The window of opportunity for the probe to reach the Martian moon may have closed already, since the journey requires Earth and Mars to be properly aligned. [...]

The smart garden: Samuel Wilkinson’s Biome Terrarium

Marrying innovative technology with the more subtle and ‘slow’ pleasures of gardening, the designer behind the world’s first low-energy designer light bulb unveils a smartphone-controlled terrarium. [...]

Microscopic worms may hold key to living on Mars

The worms, which are biologically similar to humans, may be the key to helping us colonize planets by giving clues on coping with long-term space living. [...]

Thousands flee as fire burns homes in Calif. city

Fueled by high temperatures and high winds, flames engulf Santa Barbara and drive more than 13,000 people from their homes. [...]

What is causing the waves in California to glow?

Glowing waves in California are attracting surfers and kayakers. What is causing this eerie, otherworldly phenomenon? [...]

Oil sands opponents turn focus to Pacific project

The proposed Northern Gateway pipeline would transport oil to the Canadian West Coast for exportation to Asia. [...]