As CEO exits, Solyndra lines up a high-profile replacement

Bankruptcy expert Todd Neilson is a former FBI special agent and a former bankruptcy trustee for boxer Mike Tyson. His firm has an hourly billing rate of $770. [...]

Amateur astronomers locate near-Earth asteroid

Amateur astronomers have identified nearly 400 candidate asteroids since January 2010, 20 of which have been confirmed and named. [...]

What your new home will look like in 2015

According to a survey conducted by The National Association of Home Builders, by 2015 the average American home will have shrunk a couple hundred square feet and be, gasp, without a proper living room. [...]

Home remedies for fleas on dogs

Tips and tricks for keeping bloodsuckers at bay [...]

Ways to save water

We’ve put together a list of ten ways to save water, use less, and feel good about preserving our limited supply. [...]

How to have a successful garage sale

8 tips for organizing a fantastic garage sale. [...]

Hog, poultry firms to extend use of feed wheat

Because of higher corn prices, hog and poultry farmers began incorporating wheat into their livestock feed and plan to continue in coming months. [...]

Weather conditions delay rescue of stroke victim in Antarctica

Unpredictable weather, including sudden hurricane-strength gusts of winds, make traveling in Antarctica a challenge. [...]

NASA to launch weather-climate satellite Oct. 27

Scientists expect the satellite to improve forecasting, up to five to seven days in advance for hurricanes. [...]

Gibson Guitar CEO slams U.S. raids as ‘overreach’

Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz reacts to U.S. raid on factory which claimed that the famed guitar maker uses illegally obtained foreign hardwoods in its products. [...]