Best way to clean windows using green cleaning

We’ve got some eco-friendly tips to share on how to get clean, green windows [...]

How to create a low-budget home yoga studio

Three instructors discuss what it takes to build your own space. [...]

Kill mold naturally: 5 eco-friendly ideas

We offer five ways to kill mold with natural, earth-friendly ingredients instead of turning to harsh chemicals. [...]

Kidnapping ex-astronaut expelled from Navy

Lisa Nowak has spent 20 years with the Navy, included working at the Naval Air Training station in Corpus Christi. [...]

Are grizzly bears becoming unbearable?

U.S. grizzlies are finally bouncing back, but many are once again testing their rocky relationship with people. [...]

Wild boars invade New York state; kill pets, chase people

The feral swine are a non-native species suspected of escaping from game farms, and as many as a couple of hundred are roaming the state. [...]

Warm weather helps poisonous hemlock reach great heights in Britain

The plant that famously finished off Socrates is sprouting to record sizes in Britain this year, prompting experts to issue health warnings. [...]

Authorities will not hunt bear in Alaska attack

The bear, believed to be a female with a cub, probably acted to defend its young against a perceived threat when it attacked 7 teenage backpackers. [...]

SpaceX eyes November 30 cargo launch to space station

The company is also breaking ground on a new launch site at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. [...]

Florida Tea Party fighting against … manatees?

The Florida Tea Party is upset about proposed rules that would further protect the threatened manatee. (Of course they are.) [...]

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