Living in the EDGE

Tour a prefab Wisconsin home called EDGE where a maximum amount of style and function is packed into a minimal amount of space. [...]

Prefab building at its peak

The Peak Series of pyramid-shaped, prefab vacation homes are ideal for skiing, swimming, climbing and home invading. [...]

Cries for Help: Cree’s bad lighting hall of shame

Take a cringe-inducing walk down memory lane with Cree as the LED innovator highlights — or low-lights, rather —past winners of Cries for Help, a monthly photo contest featuring poorly lit rooms. [...]

Warming oceans not to blame for rising sea levels

A recent study says that warming oceans are not the likely culprit behind rising sea levels. Instead, researchers believe melting ice sheets could be causing the problem. [...]

Michael Vick endorses anti-dogfighting legislation he inspired

The law would strengthen penalties for those who finance animal fighting and penalize those who attend or bring children to cockfights and dogfights. [...]

Big Snapshot: Bee bearding

Spectators watch as hundreds of thousands of bees envelope the bodies of two beekeepers during a bee bearding contest. [...]

Animal attraction: West Elm’s fall menagerie

From canine pillow covers to porcelain steed soup bowls to papier-mâché wildebeest busts, West Elm’s collaborative fall offerings are sure to please animal-loving interior decorators. [...]

Science finds ways to boost voter turnout

By asking people to be voters, scientists found one can boost voter turnout in comparison to asking people to vote. These findings are evidence that people are likely to act in ways that make them see themselves in a good light. [...]

Romney: ‘I don’t think carbon is a pollutant’

As the GOP frontrunner tries to hold on to support in New Hampshire, he continues to walk a fine line when it comes to what he really believes about environmental protection. [...]

Alaskans plead guilty to trafficking walrus tusks

Conspiracy involved tusks from over 100 walruses along with bones from polar bears and whales. [...]

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