NASA satellite ‘helps find 17 Egypt pyramids’

Infrared images revealed the buried structures. [...]

Hurricane season starts with first storm

Hurricane season began today and the tropics responded with a storm moving toward the northeast Florida coast.   NASA stated in a news release that the storm is a low-pressure area and appears to have several rounded areas of clouds in satellite i… [...]

Australia is expecting massive whale watching season

Humpback and southern right whales migrate along Australia’s east coast each year as they head away from Antarctica for the coldest months. [...]

Without basements, Joplin had scant refuge from tornado

Unfavorable soil contributes to a lack of basements in much of the South, where just over 11 percent of new homes include full or partial basements. [...]

Cavemen were stay-at-home guys, cavewomen cruised

Males and females leaving birth groups is a common practice in animals as a way to avoid inbreeding. [...]

Space shuttle Endeavour headed to retirement

Museums are taking advantage of NASA’s long decommission process to ready the space shuttles’ new homes. [...]

Separated at birth? New galaxy looks just like ours

Twin galaxy is nearly twice the size of the Milky Way. [...]

Now that Endeavour has landed, NASA turns a corner

Space agency turns its attention to the last flight of NASA’s storied space shuttle program. [...]

Facing floods and finding resiliency

The executive director of the Nature Conservancy’s Louisiana chapter watches the floodwaters roll past his house, but instead of destruction he sees reason for hope. [...]

Hundreds feel sting of jellyfish on Florida’s east coast

Ocean lifeguards said about a thousand people had been stung since Friday, mostly at central Florida’s popular Cocoa Beach. [...]