Water, CO2 the priorities for China’s 5-year plan

China considering both water and energy caps in an effort to conserve both and cut down on pollution. [...]

From the horse’s mouth: Teeth reveal evolution

Changes in horses’ teeth correspond with changes in the world’s climate. [...]

Tr-Ash talk: Dam shame

When regulators and polluters forget the lessons of Tennessee. [...]

Green mobile home living comes to Santa Monica

Marmol Radziner Prefab, a high-end modular home firm, designs 20 affordable prefab rental homes for Santa Monica’s Mountain View Mobile Home Park. [...]

Radioactive water being dumped into our rivers?

NY Times investigation uncovers more dirty secrets about fracking. [...]

Schwarzenegger hammers home climate change message

Former California governor uses one of his most famous movie roles to outline why action is needed. [...]

U.S. must be ‘unafraid’ of private spaceflight

Private companies interest in spaceflight include SpaceX and Boeing. [...]

Which are more important, billboards or trees?

Georgia bill resurrects a national debate over the power of billboard owners to clear-cut nearby trees. [...]

Fracking fallout in Washington, D.C.

As report after report comes out about the dangers of fracking, it seems some may actually take action on Capitol Hill. [...]

Air Force’s X-37B space plane launching on secret mission

The ship’s mission is a secret, but the technology on board will help engineers design better navigation and control systems for satellites. [...]