Wild chimpanzees outsmart human hunters

Chimps in Guinea have learned to deactivate hunters’ snares, and they have begun teaching the skill to their offspring. [...]

Colin Powell remains voice of reason on climate change

The former secretary of state is one of the few in Washington who speaks from the heart instead of the political mind. [...]

Guinness Records drops elephant polo statistics

The London-based global authority on records said the move brought its policy into line with other records that are potentially harmful to animals. [...]

Could this frigid winter be a record-brrreaker?

U.S. facing coldest temperatures in winter since the 1980s. [...]

Browner’s departure marks end of game

As the State of the Union address looms, President Obama’s climate change czar announces she is leaving. [...]

World needs global food system overhaul

Report emphasizes changes in diets and the use of genetically modified sources to ease food crisis. [...]

Wyoming not so high on Colorado pot

Wyoming Supreme Court says Colorado prescriptions for pot are no excuse for having the stuff in Wyoming. [...]

Climate science must move on from UK e-mail scandal

Leaked emails had appeared to show scientists sniping at climate change skeptics and trying to block publication of certain articles. [...]

Seal pups survive epic 350-mile journey

Researchers didn’t think the three seal pups could survive after they were swept out to sea by turbulent storms. [...]

Amnesty slams Shell over Nigeria oil spills

Shell’s operations in Nigeria spanning more than 50 years have “left an appalling legacy of environmental harm,” the complaint said. [...]