Wrecords by Monkey: From turntable to wall art

Hip, urban and eco-friendly, the Off the Train collection of home accessories from Wrecords by Monkey includes switch plates and wall trim made from recycled vinyl records. [...]

Pentagon going green — because it has to

Greener military is a ‘strategic imperative’ for the United States, top military officials say. [...]

Natural gas elbows its way to center stage

Newfound and plentiful sources of natural gas may put alternative energy plans on hold. [...]

Decision will help cleanse Florida’s Everglades

Earthjustice convinces court to let state abandon reservoir project. [...]

Gates agriculture grants focus on seeds, climate

Head of Gates Foundation calls on both private sector and governments to continue with aid programs. [...]

New Hoover Dam bridge will save gas, time and reduce emissions

The Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge is impressive for both engineering and environmental reasons. [...]

U.S. increases ethanol in gasoline amid outcry

Gasoline blends with up to 15 percent ethanol are now allowed, up from 10 percent. [...]

Chile joyous at clockwork-like miner rescue

Ten men were pulled from the mine at a methodical pace in the first nine hours of the operation, putting the rescue on track to end before the sun rose. [...]

Whale poo: The ocean’s Miracle Grow

Whales transport nutrients from the deep waters where they feed to the surface, where they fertilize floating plants, new research shows. [...]

With rescue, miners’ private lives go public

The men who survived 69 days trapped underground after a mine collapse were making history as they — and their private lives — tumbled into the light. [...]