Nuclear waste dump process continues

The proposal for a national nuclear waste dump in Nevada is back on track, but the DOE is trying to withdraw the plan. [...]

Donate: Smother BP with a wall of vuvuzelas

Donate a few dollars and help put 100 vuvuzela players in front of BP corporate headquarters for a day. [...]

Senate panel votes to end spill liability cap

Oil companies currently enjoy a $75 million cap for compensating local communities and cleaning up environmental damage. [...]

Obama’s energy plan needs Arnold Schwarzenegger

Could the Governator be the answer to President Obama’s environmental prayers? Is he the right guy to sell comprehensive climate change reform? [...]

Benjamin Moore paints the town green

Natura, Benjamin Moore’s eco paint line, hits Pottery Barn Kids with a fabulous collection of colors that won’t induce headaches and other VOC-related maladies. [...]

Giving green paint new meaning

Dangerous chemicals lurk in many paints, but by shopping wisely you can breathe easier. Here’s your guide to eco-friendly paints. [...]

Consumer Reports: Low-VOC paints perform just as well

Magazine finds that nontoxic paints have improved in recent years, performing just as well as conventional paints. [...]

Justice Stevens leaves behind environmental legacy; Kagan may get chance to follow

As Justice John Paul Stevens steps down from the bench, environmentalists remember a ‘green justice.’ Though little is known about her environmental stance, some say Elena Kagan will reflect Steven’s beliefs. [...]

US accepts international assistance for Gulf oil spill

More than 30 countries and international organizations have offered help, but the U.S. hasn’t made a final decision on most of the offers. [...]

Gulf beaches hit as hurricane pushes oil

The loss of skimmers, combined with gusts driving oily water into the coast, has left beaches especially vulnerable. [...]