Compost “R” Us

Usher in International Compost Awareness Week by digging in to the freshly launched compost retailer/resource, [...]

(Seed)bombs away!

The Greenaid project hopes to turn L.A.’s grey areas green with old quarter candy machines repurposed into ‘seedbomb’ dispensaries. [...]

Gulf oil spill taints ‘Mediterranean of the Americas’

It’s too early to know how extensively the waters and wetlands could be damaged or how badly a particular species could suffer. [...]

Alabama: Putting out the first line of defense against the oil spill

A Nature Conservancy crew is finally able to set booms to protect an oyster reef restoration project at Coffee Island — but it’s only a thin line of defense. [...]

The waters rise over Nashville

The flood waters have risen over the 100-year flood mark in the Nashville area. [...]

WWF warns there is ‘severe risk’ of spill in Arctic oil exploration

The organization said Arctic drilling could cause a crisis even worse than the Gulf oil spill. [...]

Owner of sunken oil rig had safety concerns

The company eliminated bonuses for top executives last year after the deaths of four workers. [...]

BP deploys giant ‘dome’ to stem oil spill

The operation is unprecedented and will require remote-controlled submarines to guide the dome into place. [...]

California may vote to freeze landmark climate law

The law could be put on hold until the state’s unemployment rate falls below 5.5 percent for four consecutive quarters. [...]

Greening your home with no-sweat in 9 steps

Eric Corey Freed recommends nine simple ways you can effectively green your home without sacrificing a whole lot of time and money. [...]

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