Will lava lamps work on Jupiter?

Neil Fraser has a lot of skills and free time on his hands, at least enough to actually figure out if a lava lamp would work in Jupiter’s heavier gravity. [...]

Weather taskforce to warn Haiti of hurricanes

Jamaica and Cuba will help Haiti by providing satellite and radar images of tropical storms and hurricanes. [...]

The danger of being hysterically green

We need to be careful in calling for huge sweeping green changes. Too much too fast can derail the whole thing. [...]

The secret role of clouds in climate change

Scientists have begun to unlock the confusing role that clouds play in climate change. [...]

5 cheap ways to save 1,000 gallons of water

Water is humanity’s most valuable resource. Want to green your usage? These ideas cost next to nothing and can each save 1,000 gallons a year. [...]

Hydrogen Peroxide Alternative Use from

Monday morning cup of coffee spill on your white carpet? Alternative Use cleaner solves the problem.


Floating golf course to be built in the Maldives

Development is a reaction to rising waters caused by climate change. [...]

48 Hawaii-only species given endangered status

Department of the Interior will recognize 40 square miles of island as protected land, giving refuge to the plant and animals species it houses. [...]

Obama is NOT about to ban fishing

The right-wing media mob has seized on an spurious claim by ESPN’s Robert Montgomery that President Obama is about to ban recreational and commercial fishing in U.S. waters. [...]

Gimme Shelter: A Q&A with Leslie Hoffman

Earth Pledge’s Leslie Hoffman discusses how community plays a key role in her remarkable green home building project, Gimme Shelter. [...]